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The intention of the Ask my Reviews  blog is to introduce new Divination systems as well as some which have been around for decades. I will offer a brief review and hopefully the information will be some assistance to you. I have included my contact information if you wish to connect with me about your product (s) to be included in the Cartomancy Reviews blog.

The Ask my Cards blog will continue to feature tutorial posts in Cartomancy, Tarot, Astrology and much more such as helpful  tips in reading cards & numerous layouts both new and old.

Thank you.  I welcome comments and read them on a regular basis & offer prompt replies. For more private requests which are in keeping with the theme of this blog please contact me.

Brief Update

Long time since I posted on this blog. Just so you know I do plan to add new Lenormand deck/book reviews in the new year 2014. Of course, other systems as well.

There have been quite a few new decks released. Ahhh bless the Internet resources which makes all this possible within such a short time. Ebooks are very popular as well as many people prefer to read on-line. Personally, I like the feel of a handbook in my hands and I can grab it anytime I wish to read. Sure I can get my laptop as well but then I am tempted to surf and participate in the many groups & forums I belong to. It is my path to offer Cartomancy guidance & spread the word.

I’m going to change the name from Ask my Opinion to Ask my Reviews and probably find another template. One more thing, the revisions on the Reading the Lenormand handbook are experiencing ebbs and flows. Those of you that write know what I mean. Also, the Reading the Gypsy Cards handbook is on the agenda for early 2014. I had to make some changes in approach because I found my original ideas in a few other author’s books. I’m flattered but dammit now I have to tweek  my many paragraphs.

In the meantime, please continue to read the posts @ *ASK my CARDS*  entering year 8 of cartomancy blogging.

I wish everyone a healthy and safe Seasonal holiday.

The 72 Names Cards

72 names cards close up

I really like the feel of these 72 cards. They are good quality card stock with a nice plastic coating.  The images are delicately provoking and the cards are a nice size for shuffling. Smaller than the Rider Tarot and larger than regular playing cards. To be exact the cards are 4 1/4″ long and 2 5/8″ wide.  Each card has a number in the lower left and lower right corner of the card. The large Hebrew glyphs for one of the names of God is on top. 

72 Names Cards

Equally as pleasant is the box. On the inside of the flap are the 72 Kabbalistic sacred names of God in the order in which the cards are numbered. The 72 names of God are not mentioned in the 71 page Interpretation Booklet, however, there is a full description for each card. Some cultures believe that God’s name should not be spoken out loud. This is similar to not taking the Lord’s name in vain which breaks one of the commandments in the Catholic teachings. There are 3 levels of interpretation. Perspective (over the situation). Direction (Spiritual). Bottom Line (the foreseen outcome). Each of the 72 names of God provides different guidance.

The intention of the 72 Names Cards is to seek guidance by only selecting one card. If you did not get a satisfactory answer or one which doesn’t quite fit pick another card and ask for clarification.

The gorgeous image of the single card below is from the one card draw I did with a question in mind. You can find my question/interpretation of this card @ Ask my Cards blog which I will post later on today. #72 of 72 names cards

#72 – Mem Vav Mem

AlphaBet for Lovers

I recently did a Valentine’s Day post at the AMC blog using the lovely AlphaBet for Lovers cards.  I received feedback on the reading and was told it was “totally spot on”.

Traditional schools of thought believe the 22 Major Arcana cards illustrate the concept of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter is not just a letter it is a vision of an idea or feeling. The Alphabet for Lovers is rooted in the Hebrew alphabet tradition. Three aspects of each letter are used in the cards (3 x 22 = 66) as well as 5 special final letters (66 + 5 = 71). To top it off a “Crazy Heart” was added (71 + 1 = 72)  as the most fortunate in the deck. Knowing there is a Crazy Heart card in the deck  is exciting. We all want to pick that card.   :)


The 72 cards are heart-shaped which is highly creative as the deck is used for relationship questions. The relationships can be love or platonic based. Love is Love. Relationships are Relationships. There is an easy glide to the plastic cards when holding them and they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. You could shuffle them gently remembering not to riffle. The creator, Orna Ben-Shoshan recommends placing the cards in the accompanying see through bag & shuffling them that way.  When I did the Valentine’s Day reading  I placed the cards in the box closed my eyes while thinking of the question and selected the cards.

This system offers tips on how to time events by understanding that each Hebrew letter is associated to an astrological sign. On page 13 of the booklet you will find more detail on this technique. It’s easy to follow.

Starting on page 9 you are offered 5 layouts with an explanation. I have tried the AlphaBet for Lovers in the Tarot Celtic cross and found the cards to be quite uncanny (that’s another post). There are suggestions for the types of questions to ask under each layout and I’m sure you could think of one or two more of your own. The information is there as a guideline.

When doing an in-depth analysis of the cards in a Layout:

Each card is numbered with an image. On the back of the card you will find special guidance which is offered as an appetizer to the main meal of the meanings found in the detailed instructional booklet.  1alphabetforlovers.The answers are divided into 3 paragraphs. The 1st paragraph details the energy involved in your question. The 2nd paragraph provides personality traits of the person involved or you may be acting in keeping with the character described. The 3rd paragraph suggests advice. Here you are offered a solution. If the answer is unclear it’s like with any system you either weren’t specific when asking the question or now is not the time to ask.  All 3 paragraphs apply to both genders.

You need no formal background in the Hebrew alphabet to use the AlphaBet for Lovers system.  As a matter of fact you might learn a thing or two which you can use when reading the Tarot Major Arcana.

Happy Crazy Heart to All

Pages of Shustah deck

The Pages of Shustah(c) divination & meditation deck was created around 1974.There are 70 cards grouped into 5 different colors – red, green, yellow, blue and black. Each suits contains 14 cards. The accompanying book was written by Ann Manser and Cecil North. The pen and ink sketches on the cards were done by Ann Manser. The images induce movements when you meditate on them. A great tool for psychic development.The descriptions in the book are brief and to the point. Each card is described on 7 levels of comprehension. There is enough information in the book to give you a good foundation.

The RED cards depict challenges, obstacles etc much like the Swords of the Tarot.The GREEN cards depict growth, advancement, progress etc. I would equate them to the Pentacles of the Tarot.The YELLOW cards depict creativity, spiritual awareness, blessings and remind me of the “ideas” of the Wands of Tarot.The BLUE cards depict serenity, gentleness, compassion etc. Similar to the Cups of Tarot.The BLACK cards represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac with 2 cards denoting the Self (significator) and Destiny (fate), respectively.

The book details a few layouts, such as an Astrological wheel layout. The 3 card draw should be used with a specific question in mind.

Card 1 will represent the “root” of the question. RED SPYING PAGE
Card 2 will represent the “situation” or “problem. GREEN LORD OF CONTEMPLATION
Card 3 will represent the “result” or outcome.  BLUE BIG WISH


The book states that there is a relationship between all three cards and depending on the scene in the cards selected, it will either hinder or enhance the totality of the meaning.

Personally, I have gotten some startling information which came to pass exactly as predicted.

Zodiac Circle Playing Card Game

This 1930’s deck of 45 cards is a rare find. Included in this game of divination are the individual cards having the meanings printed on them as well as an instruction layout card. The backs of them have a zodiac wheel.

Cover of Box

The deck consists of:

  • 12 cards describing the astrology signs  (12)
  • cards 2-11 have circled numbers sporting 3 images (10)
  • cards 2-11 sport 3 images (10) No 9 & 10
  • cards 4-12 have a square around the numbers and sport 3 images (9) No 6 & 8
  • 7 cards have an “X” in the upper right hand corner (7)

The method of this layout requires lots of space. First, you remove the 12 Astrology cards, shuffle them and lay them out facedown in a horoscope circle. Take the remaining cards, shuffle and place 2 cards facedown in each of the 12 horoscope houses with 1 card in the middle to represent the Time card (also facedown).  Card 1 of the 2 cards is beneath the Astrology card and card 2 is in the spot closer to the center (Time card).

Next, you turn over the Astrology house cards. Find your Zodiac sign and read it (not shown)  Turn over the Time card and read only the top prediction.  1timecardreadtop

Reading: Time Card-  plain #11. “You will shortly have a guest for tea who will develop into a fine friend or possibly Cupid himself may take a hand in this matter.”


Then you read the bottom section of Card 1.

Reading: Card 1 plain #2. “You will make a change which will enable you to rise to great heights socially, but do not rise too rapidly, lest you become dizzy and fall.”


Lastly, you read the middle section of Card 2.

Reading: Card 2 circled #6. “There are several outworn business methods which you should brush down as you would a cobweb if you wish your work to profit as it should.”

The instruction say that you can read for any person whether they are physically present or not. Great for distance readings as long as you know the person’s  date of birth (Astrology sign) and a question.

I mentioned before some cards had circled numbers, somewhere inside a square others had an X in the upper right hand corner. Also some numbers are plain.  When determining more advanced Timing of events you add up your month and day plus the number on the original Time card in the center. Check to see the number on the Time card. Is it in a square (YEARS), a circle (MONTHS), plain (WEEKS) or an X (indefinite).  The numbering system is complete. 

ADVANCED TIMING FOR THIS READING:  Time card 11 + (birth month) 3 + (birth day) 5 = 19 = 10


original Ask my Cards post January 23, 2013